Products without chance of reparation.

If you have a product under warranty but it cannot be repaired of exchanged for another product of the same model or another diferent product all together, will return the monies to the purchaser of the order.

In order to be able to return the money in time we need to have the broken product at the store.

This is the fastest way to finish this process is to have the Beneficiary bring these documents to the store:


1. Bring Proof of Replenishment - Obtained at the Warranty Workshop after the first visit when the product was first found broken.

2. Bring Proof of Payment - This is the invoice we give the Beneficiary once we deliver the product.

3. Bring Certificate of Ownership. Given along with any electrodomestic product and appliance.

4. Warranty Certificate. Given along with any electrodomestic product and appliance.


With all these documents and the broken product the store can make the return. The return will be reflected in your credit card between 1-3 business days after we have reimbursed your account.

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