Store Credit

From now on you you have the option to choose the form of refund. When a product is finished and can not be delivered, you have the option of using that amount in another product 'Store Credit' or you can choose to 'Returning to Credit Card'

To see if you have store credit please watch this video to learn how to access your account

Advantages of Store Credit
   • The Store Credit not expire.
   • The Store Credit allows your next purchase does not have mandatory minimum.       That is, it must not be $ 30.00 or more, can be $ 10.00 that you had in Store Credit.
   • The Store Credit is valid for use in any of our stores regardless of where they      made the original purchase. If I buy in Havana and have store credit you can make a purchase in Santiago de Cuba for another family member or friend.
   • If you use your Store Credit on the same day that he sent the mail for return, you may purchase that store credit obtained with the products I buy with store credit comes together. Effectively making a product change in its previous order.
   • Once you select Store Credit, the amount will be shown on your account immediately  


Credit Rules in Store
   • When you decide to use the return so that the money used in the store, store credit, you agree that this amount can not be converted into cash. Once you choose to put the refund in store credit can only be used within stores.
   • Store Credit can only be used in orders associated with your original account. This means Store Credit can not be transferred to another person or account.
   • Store Credit can not be bought. Store credit is provided to you once the purchased items have been returned and 'Receive Credit Shop' has been selected by you or given email Store credit it can be used to purchase gift cards or certificates online.
   • purchase amounts exceeding the value of the Store Credit will require an additional method of payment for the balance due.

Returning to Credit Card
When you choose this type of return, your money is returned to the original credit card. The return is automatic but is reflected in his statement of your credit card 2-3 business days after the return.

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