Treatment for products under warranty counts with Warranty Workshops throughout the island. At least one Warranty Workshop in each province.

Once your family or friends product is broken or stopped working then they must take it to the nearest Warranty Workshop.

In the case of refrigerators, washing machines and stoves with ovens the service will be provided in your family or friends house.

Your Friend or Family will have to:

1. Present themselves at the authorized Warranty Workshops which are reflected in the back of the Warranty Certificate given to them once the order was first delivered. Once there a report will be taken. Please have the report number handy.

2. Present themselves again after the Warranty has taken effect to pick up their fixed product or receive a new model of the same product or give the money back to the payer of the order if the product is not available anymore.

Your family or friend may also call the store directly in order to make this process faster.

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