Sending your first remittance.

Please follow the video to send your first remittance.

If you need to register first please follow this video: How to register in


You can follow along with these steps.


Before sending your transfer, you must "login" in or to "Create new account". You can find this information in the right top of the page.

After clicking "Enter" or "Create new account" onto this page. Please enter your customer details or create your own.


After entering your account you can check that it is within this when you look in the right side up and says your username. Mine is Ernesto1234. After checking for your username you may send Money. Please click on “Send Money”.

After clicking "Send Money" you get to this screen. This is the first step of sending money, "Customer information (sender)". Please enter all information as it comes in your statement of credit card you will use to transfer.

After putting all the information correctly please click "Next"

Now it has come to step # 2 sending money. Here you decide how many CUC you want to send to your family. Also we teach will cost approximately how transfer in USD and EUR. It is an approximate because your bank may charge you a fee for making an international transfer.

After deciding how much to give to your family please click "Next".

This is number 3 step of sending money. Here you can send you a new card to your family member (free) or send amounts to an existing ISA card.

If I ever sent you can check that the card you sent him this is correct. We will also ask you full details of the province and municipality.

After the AIS filter clamp board to which he is sent, you must put the information in your credit card.

Step Number 4 Please fill out this information as the sample credit card.

This is the last step of sending money. You can review all the data for this shipment. Here we will show the information of their family and address. After checking this information, please click "Send Money"

Please, if at any time you have any questions about the process, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible to help.







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